Do I Sleep: Ben Gallaway's Soulful Nightmare

Ben Gallaway’s songs are always soulful, though “Do I Sleep” has a bit more of a traditional R&B vibe than some of his other songs. There’s a kind of ache to this sound, a doubt that it’s possible to fully satisfy another person. And yet there is that longing for transcendence. As always, though, there’s a wonderful sense of mystery about his words and music.

Is it cold and lonely beside me? Have I kept you safe or left you in fear?

Great lines, these.

Ben doesn’t put out a lot of material. He waits until he’s inspired and has the time. It’s a wonderful surprise when he posts something to his Soundcloud page. He’s a busy man, running Z-Sound Recording in Austin, TX where he’s a sound engineer, mixer, and producer. Hopefully he’ll surprise us with another track soon.


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