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Exit Nothing

"I love this book. Reads like a melancholy love story involving a guy and women and cities. The narrative doesn't flow in chronological order, but it works well. It made me laugh, made me cry, made me think." A Jarrell Hayes

"The narrator seems completely honest, and he's the only one that comes out in anything close to a "bad" light, but a couple of the real-life human inspired characters might get an emotional prickle from some of the things revealed in the book. That's the author's business surely, but it's hard not to notice as a reader.

The character Nothing is unpredictable and complex. In fact he is a poster child for why not to get romantically involved with a writer, or any other human possessed by the creative temperament. But at the same time he's destroying his relationships and being a boor, battling the void, his sensitivity and kindness show through as well, even if the end results of his actions are often a great mess. Yeah, a poster child. But writers write, and the good ones are honest and open as they can be. So be forewarned, civilians."  Pat Simonelli, RedFez.net

"Pat's narrative voice is clear and honest, and artful in the right places, and thus his narrator is engaging even when he's being an impulsive idiot. He's not unlike a semi-functional addict, fully aware of his own weaknesses and yet unable to keep them in check. The other characters in this book - the Mad Poet, the narrator's wives and girlfriends - are refreshingly active parts of the story, and the way they fluctuate between enabling, tolerating, and finally losing patience with the narrator provides tension that novels like this (defined by me as "Lost Generation quarter-life crisis novels") often lack." Dave K, http://beeohdee.blogspot.com

"It’s fabulous, a little classic novel of the counter-culture following its underground writer protagonist through cities, relationships, depressing jobs and the alternative arts scene." Bruce Hodder,  http://bluefredpress.blogspot.com/2013/06/book-of-week-exit-nothing-by-pat-king.html


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