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The Mugwump Corporation was humor and pop culture blog started by Pat King in late 2011. Gonzo Who was brought on as a permanent contributor in early 2012. We've also had awesome guest contributors like A. Jarrell HayesChris Vola and Nick Fullington. Drawings by Goodloe Byron were featured prominently in many of these early posts.

In October of 2013, in order to reflect a new emphasis on pop culture commentary and reviews, the blog was renamed Exit Nothing.

Now focusing on film reviews, the site changed its name back to the Mugwump Corporation in the summer of 2016.

In June 2019, Pat King became a founding member of the AGITAGE:21C avant garde movement. In July, the Mugwump Corporation published its first article as part of the movement, a review of AGITATE filmmaker Walter Ungerer's 1976 film The Animal.

In June 2020, Pat King started using The Mugwump Corporation as the name of his experimental film production company. 

That same month, The Mugwump Corporation posted its first serialized comic book written by Pat King and illustrated by Yeshua Makkonnen.

In September 2020 Cullen Callahan, Joshua Johnson, Christopher King, and Pat King became charter members of Mars in Machines, the Mugwump Corporation experimental music collective.


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