Blood On My Underwear by Yankee Bang Bang Makes Me Feel Weird In My Salty Parts

The music video for the song "Blood On My Underwear," performed by Yankee Bang Bang and directed by Sita Bang Bang and John Wlaysewski, is apparently about a bizarro world where feminine products cause people to turn into zombies. I guess it's a metaphor for dudes freaking out during a woman's period? Anyway, I can't understand a single word from the song except for the refrain: "And I don't care if I get blood on my underwear." But even if I don't really understand it, I like it. It's weird. I like weird things. Also, it looks like everyone who worked on this piece was having a fucking blast, so that has to count for something.

Thanks to JP Marin and Cole Jett for letting me know about this video!


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