The Giant Chocolate Egg Says It's Okay To Be Gay

As with all the important decisions in my life, I asked the Giant Chocolate Egg whether I should support gay marriage. Because I saw my reflection, the answer was "yes."

Though I'm a firm believer in letting the Giant Chocolate Egg make all my decisions for me, sometimes it leads me to weird places. For instance, last year I asked it if I should dress like a Victorian dandy for the rest of my life. The Giant Chocolate Egg answered "yes." And when I asked it whether I should wear pants to my job interview, I didn't see my reflection, so the answer was a definite "no." Actually, that decision wasn't so bad. I got the job anyway and I'm now enjoying a fulfilling career in the field of Victorian dandy pornography.

I think the Giant Chocolate Egg just likes to fuck with me sometimes.

On this issue, though, I think it was right.


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