In Praise of the United States of Spectacle

explosion head - Ernst Figueroa -

Baltiwhere?  Near what?  Yes, in the United States of Spectacle.  Oh, they don't call it that?  But why not?  Anyway, whatever they call it, the Mugwump Corporation will stay away for a while.  The cops are doing a marvelous job of irrationalizing the people.  We can simply sit back and watch and collect our money.  Thanks, cops!

Starting in New York City and spreading throughout the U.S.S., there were waves of protests and campouts in public places.  What were they protesting?  Shit only knows, but, as stinky as those folks were, they were always quite helpful, especially if you liked free food, warm clothes and direct democracy.

This would not do.

Do you realize just how god-awfully rational this all was?  It was a rash of rationalism, if you ask us.  Since it's our job to spread irrationalization throughout the universe, the Mugwump Corporation was thinking of hiring a hoard of madcap Hamster Dancers to maybe even things out a bit.  But lo!  Who shows up just in time, but the cops?  In riot gear, no less.  What could be more irrational than a hoard of dick-scratching thugs bullying a village of urban campers, forcing them to leave their tent-city, and destroying all their belongings?  Not much!  This was even better than a book burning!  Well...anyway, the Mugwump Corporation would like to thank the cops for  helping us out in our ongoing effort to irrationalize the human race.  Onward!


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