What Did Billy “Assman” Gunn do to Piss Vince Mcmahon Off?

Just let this song soak into your braincap for a while and then try to figure out if Billy Gunn made a bad career choice with this gimmick. More likely, this gimmick wasn’t his choice at all. Maybe this schtick was thrust upon him? In 1998, Gunn was one half of probably one of the coolest tag teams of all time, the New Age Outlaws. And then 1999 comes around and he’s suddenly the “Ass Man.” How the mighty have fallen, indeed. No doubt at some point there was some little weasel in a suit who patted him on the head and said, “Yeah, that’s right, it’s because you KICK ass, Billy.”

Consider this gem of a lyric: “I love to pick ‘em.” Also, a little further along: “I love to stick ‘em.” Ouch. First of all, kids, never pick your ass. That’s just gross. Women will never date you. Second, even if your significant other is into ass play, you should never “stick ‘em.” Other things to avoid are thrusting ‘em, busting ‘em, or pole vaulting ‘em.

So where did Billy Gunn go wrong? Was he caught spiking the company vitamin water supply with LSD? Did he replace Kane’s entrance music with a Judy Garland medley? While we might never know exactly what he did to piss Vince McMahon off, it must have been something pretty awful.