Mugwump Movies: The Loneliest Girl on Mars

Hey friends! I've finished my latest short video. I feel like this is a big step for me, in terms of craft. Everything except for some macro photography of some slugs from my wife and a painting by Michael Woods was done on my iPad using some very simple apps. I'm constantly amazed at what this machine can do. If you told me twenty years ago that I'd be making movies sitting in a big puffy chair, using a small pad and a special pencil, well, I probably would have believed you since this is 2020, and I figured we'd be at least halfway to a Blade Runner dystopia by now. Still, it's pretty neat-o. And, honestly, the only reason I could really afford the machine is because I can make interest-free monthly payments through my phone company. Ever since my mac exploded in 2006, I've been looking for something simple yet powerful, and now here I am making movies again after fourteen years. Pretty cool.

I'm getting a little closer to where I'd like to be with this stuff. "The Loneliest Girl on Mars" has a kinda-sorta narrative, and I do want to get more focused on storytelling with future projects. The "voice-over" is from a text-to-speech program. This shit is getting freaky, because some of these voices sound like they've come from an actual human, though with a removed, slightly robot-like quality that make them pretty creepy.

Anyway, hope you dig. Here is the official synopsis: "The nightmare of the illusion of mind-body integration as the soul rips itself apart, screaming. Plain ol' autobiography, ya'll. Nothing is true, everything is permitted. The Mad Tribunal awaits."


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