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Oddly Cultured: The Night Sgt. Slaughter and Pat Patterson Tried To Murder Each Other

Oddly Cultured is an occasional series in which I investigate the wild, weird, and wonderful side of pop culture.

The 1981 Sgt. Slaughter vs Pat Patterson “Alley Fight” match is largely regarded as one of the best World Wrestling Federation matches from the early 80’s. It might also be one of the best wrestling matches of all time, at least as far as the American style goes. Which makes it a shame that the match isn’t available to watch on the WWE Network, where it would certainly look and sound a lot better than the stuff on YouTube that looks like it was taped off of grandpa’s VCR. And maybe some of it was.

Not that the low quality is all bad. It makes the match that much more forbidden, like a relic from the tape trading era, where you had to be keyed into a clandestine network of wrestling nerds to find access to rare bootleg videos. Anyway, it does help add to the legend.

Slaughter and Patterson’s 1981 feud was short, but intense. And the no-holds barred “Alley Fight” match th…

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