Paradisia's Haunting Pop Folk

Paradisia is a relatively new group. Very slick and polished production here, so you know they're veterans in the studio. There's not much more to know about them, at least with a cursory Google search. They're only credited with first names: Sophie-Rose on vocals, Anna on harp, and Kristy on keys. So they seem to like mystery, if not anonymity.

So, "Warpaint." How would I describe this song? Kind of pop folk, I guess. Pretty heavy on the pop. The song is a kind of reverie, hinting, and not very subtly, at the vulnerability that lies beneath a tough exterior. On a quest to lose it all, go the lyrics. The idea is that it's pretty difficult to let your guard down and reveal what's underneath. There's also a sad lament that desire must be repressed underneath the masks we wear.


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