Moon Song by Ben Gallaway

Been a while since I posted anything.

But I have 1,987 or so serious writing projects to finish.

This is whatcha whatcha call an occasional blog where I post shit that amuses me.

Whoops! That's not a proper introduction for this song. Shame on me. Someone should hit me with a wet towel.

Ben Gallaway has gone through a bunch of phases as a musician. He's played guitar in indie bands, an electro-hybrid band, released a solo album and worked on film soundtracks. He also played drums in a metal band called the Devil Rides. When I met him in 1997, he played guitar in a little indie rock project called Lorelei Shotgun, which also featured blog-favorite Peter Miller.

These days, Ben runs his own studio in Austin, Texas and occasionally releases contemplative, thoughtful tunes like "Moon Song," which is his latest offering.


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