We're All Gonna Be Cyborgs!

Plain ol' everyday reality is boring. Luckily, Google Glass is coming to fix all that. Short of arming antelopes with death rays, there's no way of stopping this technology. Get used to it. Augmented reality has replaced reality-reality (which is boring. It's mostly just trees. Trees and grass.) No need to live life anymore. Just record it and watch it later, when you're on the toilet or at your boss's funeral.

In ten years your children will be cyborgs. And your cat? A cyborg. EVEN YOUR OATMEAL WILL BE CYBORG.

I think a lot of us feel like reality is kind of played out anyway. It's so passe.

Also, there's this:

That's right! The illuminati! He went there.

I, for one, welcome the coming of the cyborg race.


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