The Creation Of The Gods (Guest Post By Adam Polhemus)

I believe things begin and things end. The time spent between the beginning and the end is the special time of preservation. The time of preservation is the only time we can truly experience and know. The beginning is always easier then the end. The end is the unknown.

The fear of the unknown is a great motivator, a great creator of myths, the precursor to science. The creation myths came from the fear of the unknown and ultimately a way to explain the beginning and the end. The creation myths would be inhabited by human-like beings endowed with reality warping abilities called gods. The gods would be imbued with human qualities because that was what was known. The gods would explain everything, there is no longer the unknown, now there is acts of gods.

Acts of god could not quell the curiosity that exists within the human mind. Human curiosity would eventually lead to mathematics and science. Math and science began to lead the way, no more acts of god but natural phenomenon explained by science. The view of the universe grew infinitely large and the the question of the end still remained.

The end is a plural and singular experience. Cessation will be experienced by all but eventually comes down to a singular experience. The unknown still exists. The singular experience of the end for each person becomes more defined as time runs down. As time runs down we realize our life is fleeting, the end nearing with each breath.

You will never experience these moments again. When you embrace these sentiments life becomes intoxicating. Knowing that when you end, all life and experiences for you also stop, liberates you to achieve potential that waiting for second chances or acts of god will not.

Ultimate responsibility rests on your shoulders, not on a god's. The victim mindset of the creation myths are cyclical and very hard to break free of. As humans, both plural and singular, begin to take this responsibility with ease we make giant steps forward in the understanding of ourselves and the human spirit, leading to a more realized and grounded spirituality.

The human mind is spirituality. The mind is boundless, creates emotions, controls pain and invented the iPhone. As we become more aware of our mind we raise the bar for all of mankind. The human mind is the final frontier, heaven and our hell. The invention of gods and the creation myths were a concept of the human mind. Wow, what a concept!


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