Help Fix A Creationist's Safety Helmet

Creationists are stupid. Well all know that. Why, just the other day I saw one of them trying to rescue a cat by pushing it up a tree. I saw a news report yesterday about a creationist who threw a party, but nobody showed up because he decided to issue invitations to people after they arrived. And who hasn't seen a creationist stomping his feet in frustration at a public urinal because his zipper won't open? Then they get mad at us when we tell them their pants are on backwards.

Do me a favor: next time you run into a creationist, talk to them very slowly and then offer them a snack. If they start to growl, back up, but never lose eye contact. However, if they piss themselves in excitement you've gained their trust and you have a friend for life. Once they trust you, reach out and make sure their safety helmet is nice and snug. Those things can be pretty tricky.


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