I Will Eat All Ze Kitty Cat Poems!

All right you motherfucking fuckers. Enough with the cat poems! They're all over my Twatter, my Fiendspace, just fricking everywhere. All you people do is write cat poems and post them to your social networks. You do know that there's a war on, right? The orzons from the planet Orzon have already destroyed half on New Jersey! Hell, just last week, they stuck their brain-melting tubes into the ears of over 4,000 of our fellow Americans and hauled them off to the mothership. Their faces were burned and melting from the plasma weapons, and the orzonians had poked everyone's eyes out with their spiked cocks! The rest of the country, and, indeed, the rest of the world, is sure to be conquered within the next week or so, and the orzonians have promised that we will all be sold into the galactic sex-slavery trade. All is lost! We're doomed! AND STILL WITH THE CAT POEMS!!

Besides, your cat poems can't even compete with mine. Why do you even try? Let me throw a few verses atcha:

Oscar Zee Ca(t) is happy (((Smiles)))
Grenade in his furry mouth
He gonna go (down)
to Florida
To Tan his Tight Titties

Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is a cat poem!


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