Man with Super Powers Acts Like an Asshole at a Dinner Party

via jaria

Remember, just because you have super powers and rescue people and other cool shit, you don't have the right to be an asshole.

Last Saturday night, Phil Miggle invited the neighbors over to his house.  One of them just happened to be Super Galactico, a world-famous hero and man-about-the-universe.  It was a pretty informal gathering, though you wouldn't want to wear a white t-shirt.  Super Galactico wore a white t-shirt.  And nothing else.  Except for his cape.

Even worse, Mr. Galactico spent the evening patting people on the back and saying asshole things like, "Hey, so what do you do for a living?  Yeah, well, I save the planet from destruction.  All the frickin' time!  Almost every day!  Remember when all them robot squid was raining down from the heavens?  Yeah, I defeated them.  All by myself.  Also I defeated their overlord.  Had to fly to his moon base to do it.  No big deal.  Pretty much just a day in the life of a hero."

Super Galactico also monopolized the punch bowl and double dipped his chips.  When asked whether he would have Galactico over when it was time for his next party, Phil Miggle said, "I'd rather eat a bag of barbed-wire dicks."


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