2012: The Year of Total Irrationalization!

Via Goodloe Byron
Hello, fuckers!  We would have posted this closer to New Year's day, but we're lazy.  And also that would have been unirrational.  And the Mugwump Corporation has been in the irrationality business since 34,544,334 BC.

So, everyone knows this is gonna be one hell of a shit-staining year.  The last year of rationality on the 'ol timeclock.  Texas is gonna rise from its grave.  There will be Yuppie explosions all over Wisconsin.  Jesus will rise from his grave to defeat Jesus von Pantaloons in a bubblegum battle.  Jack Kerouac will be found alive and well inside a lemming.  Tardy Trudy will poke yer eye out.  Barking Bob will develop a sense of humor.  The Kardashians will finally explode their tit-bombs.  Republicans will write romance novels.

Here's to 2012, and the total irrationalization of the human race!


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