Lady Gaga Heads to White House to Bully President Obama

We all know that Lady Gaga has long been a fan of bullying.  She's taken it on as her pet cause. In the past, Gaga has bullied insurance salesmen, illegal immigrants, and people who have flattop haircuts.  Now, Gaga is heading to the White House to bully head macho honcho, Dr Mugwump himself, President Barack Obama.

We've yet to be disappointed in what we consider one of our best Celebrity Robotoids yet.  Lady Gaga has, in fact, been a favorite of ours.  Gaga is both vapid and shallow, yet she's able to convince the public that she's transgressive, subversive, and, err, "sayin' sumthin'." 

Details are vague at the moment but Mugwump Corporation sources say that Gaga plans to stalk the President like a rabid cat, jump out of closets and say, "boo!" and maybe call him President Poop Butt.  Other possible bullying techniques include replacing his taco meat with Mexican Whooping Worms and crawling into his stomach, forcing the President to explain his pregnancy to a very confused and scared American public.

We'll stay on the case.  More details to follow.


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