Pakistan Bans Jesus von Pantaloons, Mugwump Corporation Celebrates

According to Mashable, Pakistan is adding the word "Jesus" to a list of 1,000 obscene words that will be censored from text messages.  At first, the Mugwump Corporation was surprised by the inclusion of the Prince of Peace, since we have always considered him an ally in the movement toward complete irrationalization of the human race.

But then we realized that there are other folks named Jesus, among them the notorious Jesus von Pantaloons, native of the planet Laughotron, who once rationalized several Sumerian city-states, leading to the invention of writing.  Needless to say, quite a setback for total irrationalization, costing the Mugwump Corporation several thousand years of pranks and invented religions and such just to equalize things.

The Mugwump Corporation put an end to all that sanity when we stuffed him into a Stinky Cube, put the cube into a Hee-Haw Cannon and shot him into the center of the moon.  Jesus's name hasn't been uttered in nearly six thousand years.

We thank the government of Pakistan for their assistance and look forward to a continued partnership with them as we move closer to the total irrationalization of the human race.


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