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The Devil's Country: Music Writing
Published November 2011

This here’s the first in a series of e-chapbooks written by Patrick King, one of those Mad Hatter Media Critics over at the world-famous CC2K (DOT US), the Nexus of Pop Culture Fandom. These articles and reviews cover country music legends like David Allan Coe, the Carter Family and Gillian Welch. Also covered is the new XXX country music scene, which was started by Shooter Jennings in early 2011. And, of course, there’s plenty of coverage of newer artists like Ruby Jane, Rachel Brooke and Those Poor Bastards. It’s intelligent and sexy. It’s goddamn country music!

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Ghostbusters and the Rebel: Movie Writing
Published April 2011

"Patrick King has written my favorite kind of cultural criticism--pop culture criticism. He takes what most of us would simply accept as trite entertainment (the movie Ghostbusters, for example) and applied an academic lens. Our mindless movies have sprouted minds. Here's hoping more comes from Mr. King." Caleb J Ross

The Redneck Kafka and other Stories
Published April 2007

"The universe is protecting the romantic sadists that populate Patrick King's The Redneck Kafka and Other Stories. These narrators hopelessly want what they cannot have, and worse, what they know will ultimately hurt them. This inevitable destruction permeates our characters' lives, providing inner conflict enough to pull swiftly through this chapbook's short 31 pages." Caleb J Ross


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